Future-proof your Experience Design career

Future-proof your career by equipping yourself with the knowledge you need to be more all-rounded and better-skilled at every factor of your job. With Experience Design Essentials, you’ll increase your confidence within your role that’ll not only get you in the game, but make you a leader in your industry through strategically designed content and internationally-trained expert-facilitators.

Today, experience design is a high-growth sector, with the demand for these skills far outweighing the supply of qualified professionals. With this demand, experience professionals are absolutely essential in making a positive impact on business, solving real-world problems using a complex mix of research, design, technology and psychology.

The new Experience Design Essentials programme from Immersion Learn promotes play-based learning methodologies creating a risk-free environment to learn through meaningful play. The must-attend programme better equips you with the necessary skills, design techniques & principles for you to successfully apply in any environment.

Give yourself the advantage you need to become a leader in your industry.

Play-based learning methodologies create the ideal risk-free environment enabling you to learn through meaningful play. These modern methodologies will help you grasp design techniques and principles that can easily be applied in any environment.

Design for the modern world
A changing world demands new ways of work, processes, technologies, tools, techniques and skills to be successful. Our programme is designed to tackle the problems of tomorrow head-on with actionable solutions designed to deliver.

Apply through practice
Experiential learning methodologies enable people to not only talk the language, but to also apply the principles, theories and techniques to real-world problems and complex design environments.

Get local context WITH international expertise
This programme features internationally trained expert-facilitators with decades of experience in design and consulting across various sectors including finance, healthcare and retail. Having practiced in South African, European, American and Asian markets, you’ll have the opportunity to learn from their real-world experience.

Johannesburg and Cape Town applications are OPEN! Contact Immersion Learn today to book your space.

For more information contact Tim Millar, Programme Coordinator on +27 83 289 2382 or tim@immersiongroup.co.za.

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