Customer service isn’t customer experience

Customer experience shouldn’t be confused with customer service. A customer’s first point of contact with a brand is normally by interacting with an employee; whether by visiting a store or speaking on the phone.

This first-contact gives your brand the opportunity to deliver unforgettable customer service, but this is only one aspect of the entire customer experience.

Still not sure how the two are different?

Customer service is focused on human interaction and directly supporting the customer, whereas customer experience is the entire customer journey.

Customer experience is one of the hottest buzzwords in business right now, and organisations are now rapidly pouring more resources than ever before into building a strong customer experience.

Like most things in today’s market, customer experience has also evolved – it’s more than just person-to-person interaction, and thanks to technology, brands can now engage with their always-connected customers in new and exciting ways.

But how do we connect customer service with customer experience holistically? By using key strategies like CRM software implementation, you’re able to view and analyse customer behaviour, spot patterns quickly and predict future needs even before the customer knows they need it.

Having the ability to predict a future need lets you be proactive and attentive, achieving things like providing related products based on purchase history, or
creating and delivering targeted email marketing campaigns with desired results.

By understanding the 360-degree view of the customer, the customer experience is able to bring new ways to strengthen customer relationships through technological breakthroughs.

This proves that customer experience is more than just a buzzword and that it should be at the very centre of everything a brand does. By including customer service and customer experience, brands can exceed expectations and delight customers.

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