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Last year we saw customers wanting to take back control of their experiences, an improvement in product quality and experience, and a rise in IPO’s that drive better customer experiences.

This year, we’ll see a shift in focus being more on speaking to the customer with a more intimate approach, enhanced security and data privacy as well as a more transparent business offering display. Let’s explore a few of the future trends that promise to deliver a better customer experience.

CX and UX seated at the table

Finally the CX and UX industry has a coveted seat at the boardroom table. With organisations beginning to understand the importance of customer experience, new CX and UX roles with defined responsibilities are being introduced. Brands are now taking full advantage of what can be achieved through effective CX and UX design strategies, successfully meeting digital transformation goals.

Employee experience remains a top influencer on customer experience

There’s no doubt that the way employees feel about your brand influences how they treat customers. Engaged employees are in demand and fast becoming harder to keep. Brands are now investing in engaged employees to help ensure customer experience goals are met with the help of their own brand advocates.

Unified multi-experience across all platforms and channels

We already know that there are constantly new devices and new modes of interaction entering the fast-paced technology and consumer-goods market. Some new technologies even feature natural-language-based chat and voice, and smart gestures for 3D or virtual environments. All of which co-exist with traditional web browsers and mobile apps. 2020 promises to highlight the need to and the importance of including these in experience design strategies to deliver a unified multi-experience.


We’re continuously seeing an increase in desire for a more personalised experience. Customers are asking brands, “do you know who I am?” and “you’ve told me that I’m a loyal customer, and yet you don’t know my name?”.

Designing experiences that leave customers feeling important is crucial in a fast-moving consumer-led world. In order to be future-ready, we need to design cohesive and unified ecosystems, offering a hyper-customisable environment for brands to cement within their deign strategies.

Data privacy and security: a secured environment

Customer continue to demand a highly secured experience. Proving that this aspect will also continue to be a vital part of the customer and user experience.

Where there may be security or privacy risks, the customer needs to be made aware of these and how the brand intends to improve on the experience.

Proactive support and self-service

This year we’ll see customers wanting a system that understands and anticipates their needs, even before they realise them.

While we understand that in order to create a unique response to a specific need, it may take a second or two longer than a generic response, we need to remain cognisant of the customers need for immediate action.

By designing a proactive support system or an intelligent and intuitive self-service ecosystem within the design framework, we’ll gain a better grasp on the need, servicing it in real time and exceeding their action expectations successfully.

Transparency wins customer loyalty

While this isn’t necessarily a new trend or challenge, we’ll see customers favouring brands who are more transparent in business. Be it terms and conditions, exclusions or even pricing, customers will be expecting brands to be more forthcoming about products and services without the need to probe or enquire further.

Although not a new battle, it is expected to be put at the forefront of experience design strategies and delivery.

Data visualisation and infographics

We’re no strangers to infographics, but 2020 will see more and more designers honing in on their craft to use cutting-edge visuals to improve data visualisation for information that would otherwise be ignored, misinterpreted or misunderstood by customers.

The importance of data visualisation is more important now than ever before as customers are proving they’d rather skip reading lines and lines of information and rather indulge in a storytelling visual that enhances their experience.

With the current challenges facing the brand customer experiences today, future-trends and new-age solutions will see some of these brands placing CX and UX at the centre of their business goals. With the right synergy of professionals, resources and research, brands will begin achieving their experience and digital transformation goals.

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