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A digital design-centric culture puts the focus on experiences – especially emotional ones – and puts the employees in the digital arena. So when you consider building digital capability inhouse, you ultimately want to help your employees develop their own digital capabilities to support the digital leaders in planning transformation and at the same time, boost their own employability prospects and professional practice.

When you look at the different aspects of individual capability, you need to evaluate and demonstrate levels of engagement. Are you confident that your teams will deliver what you need them to and at a level that your business expects?

How do you make sure that your efforts are driving the business forward and contributing to achieving the goals your employees set as individuals as well as the goals you set for your business?

It’s important to implement the right framework that allows for ongoing evaluation and feedback, so that both your employee and your business will continue to evolve and respond to the business needs.

Ultimately, what we’re talking about is making a difference to your business, giving employees confidence and giving them the digital experience they need to deliver within their roles, preparing them for a digital future.

We’re aiming for a holistic view, and this means that the employee voice is as important as the business voice. You want your employees to be comfortable with using digital platforms and automated processes to enhance their experience, and as a result, to transform the customers digital experience, creating better communication and better service.

Seeing the digital experience through the eyes of your employees and brand advocates will allow you to gain the insight you need to validate what you’re doing as a business. This gives you the opportunity to identify areas of strength and areas where you can improve.

Using these insights, you’ll be more responsive and be able to actively work toward providing the best possible experience for your employees and enable them to thrive in a digital world.

Role profiling mapped to professional frameworks highlights digital skills relevant to specific roles. With this framework, you’ll have the organisational models and tools that your employees need to help move the business towards being a digitally capable organisation.

So, a great first step is to evaluate your employee’s digital skills and generate a personalised profile or map-to-framework that will illustrate the next steps and developmental resources that will enable them to achieve their own individual goals as well as the business goals.


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