Lead UX Designer, Johannesburg

Lead UX Designer, Johannesburg

Experience: 5-10 years

Qualification: Degree (psychology, design, philosophy, marketing, human computer interaction design or related degree)

Are you a Lead UX Designer in Johannesburg looking to expand your career with different and more challenging projects and industries?

Now, you’ve been in this game for some time – so we don’t need to drone on about the details, and what skills you need to bring to the table – so let’s just cut to the chase, we love food so there won’t be space for all of that on the table anyway!

We’re kidding, obviously – not about the food though, but we’re digressing.

Now, you’re one heck of a UX Designer and have the experience to match. Your work speaks for itself and you have a gift when it comes to getting the best out of your team and solving even the most complex of user experience riddles.

But what you don’t know, is that there’s a team of passionate design professionals and industry leaders plotting to initiate total digital experience dissatisfaction annihilation.

Insert dramatic pause.

You’re experienced – you get the picture, right? We’re a close team that prefers not to work Han Solo when we’re hell-bent on complete galactic domination. So, enough with the small talk – let’s grab a coffee and get on with what we do best – design intuitive & engaging experiences that encourage systematic behavioural change.

Together with a keen sense of humour, we’d like you to also:

  • have a relentless drive for excellence
  • be a resourceful problem solver
  • be willing to pioneer change if something isn’t working
  • be able to seamlessly move between big picture and detail when required

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