Geoffrey Hardy

Head of Digital


Geoff has extensive experience locally & internationally in UX consulting & client experience management. He’s been instrumental in helping businesses deepen their relationships with customers through the development of intuitive & engaging experiences, encouraging systematic behavioural change.

Since starting his career, Geoff has honed his skills in experience design, product development, capability build and digital transformation, leading digital teams through design thinking processes and techniques, enabling them to bring immense business value to clients, ultimately helping them achieve their goals.

Together with his experience, Geoff uses his methodical thinking, applying his mind to problems in a logical manner. With his expert-research skills, Geoff is able to produce insights that can be directly applied to a design problem.

Using the skills he’s worked years to perfect, Geoff successfully leads digital teams, continuing to guide them through each stage of the customer journey, identifying their strengths and mentoring them to help grow their careers.

Geoff uses his knowledge of the industry to better understand the problem in order to solve them fully and successfully with measured results. With his skills and expertise, Geoff unlocks customer commitment, driving deep brand loyalty and creating new value by architecting positive change for both businesses and their customers, embracing an increasingly digital world.

User Experience Design90%
Product development90%
Digital Strategy95%
Kantian Metaphysics and 20th Century Literature100%

Contact Info

Phone : +27 82 554 8077
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