Lydia Erasmus

Head of Recruit


For over 17 years now, Lydia has been leading human resources in various industries. Always on the lookout, Lydia uses her expertise and her charm to attract and retain the most incredible UX and UI talent!

From young professionals entering the market, to the more advanced executive-level candidates, Lydia has the skills and the experience to get the best out of all of her prospects. From the very beginning, Lydia has been passionate about human resources, advocating not only for the brand but also the people who work there.

With the role of HR professionals evolving to fit the needs of today’s modern, fast-paced organisations; Lydia has been a pioneer of the HR industry, going above and beyond the norms of traditional HR personnel functions and diving into developing systems and processes within the organisation to address strategic needs of the business.

Lydia has a keen eye for talent, scouting for T-shaped professionals with in-depth knowledge, valuable experience and rare skills in the experience industry. She helps employees achieve their best in a safe and exciting environment, working collaboratively with each employee and business unit as part of a high performance team which is vital to business today.

When she isn’t rocking the HR circuit developing and changing organisations for the better, you’ll find Lydia in the comfort of her home, enjoying the peace of her family and 8 canine-kids!

Communication & Interpersonal Skills85%
Programme Management90%
Employee Relations, Conflict Management85%
Legal Compliance95%

Contact Info

Phone : +27 76 700 2219
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