Nicholas Evans

Head of Innovation


Nic has over 25 years’ experience in both local & international consulting.

Since starting his career in technical services, Nic quickly moved onto best practise consulting before building a career in experience design, developing the skills and expertise he uses to guide customers and professionals navigating the digital revolution.

With his expertise in human-centred design, business strategy and facilitation, Nic is able to transform the mindset of an organisation, shaping it into an industry leader, using the core methodologies and techniques he’s perfected throughout his career.

Nic’s passion for great service and product design goes far beyond the surface to understand the complete experience lifecycle. Simply put, in his role as Head of Strategy, Nic uses the power of human-centred design to achieve meaningful and measurable outcomes.

Having coached across South Africa, Nic is an industry leader in lean and agile methodologies and how to apply these successfully in businesses. He is obsessed with rapid value delivery and more efficient ways or working.

When Nic isn’t in the office brainstorming or catching a plane to visit his beloved clients, he spends his time at home where he finds peace losing himself in his passion for learning and all things geek with his obsession with cartoon shows!

Strategic Planning and Implementation 95%
User Experience and Product Design90%
Best Practice Consulting85%
Telling Dad Jokes100%

Contact Info

Phone : +27 83 414 7421
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