Reynardt Uys

Group Chief Experience Officer


As a pioneer of customer experience in South Africa, Rey’s passion began in 2002 after completing his BComm degree in Information Systems and Business Finance at Wits University in Johannesburg.

Now, with more than 18 years in the industry, Rey specialises in Experience Strategy development, multi-channel digital experience transformation, and the establishment of mature experience management practices including training in CX and UX.

Driven by his continued passion for the industry, Rey works closely with new professionals entering the market, mentoring young up-and-coming designers and aspiring CX and UX professionals. Offering mentorship through his co-founded agency, Immersion Group, Rey and his team continue to work with big brands locally and abroad, further disrupting industry sectors and arming them with the CX tools and skills they need to succeed in an ever-evolving digital future.

When Rey isn’t out helping brands achieve their digital experience transformation goals, he’s enjoying quality time at his Johannesburg home with his family.

Experience Strategy90%
In-house Design Capability Building95%
Omni-channel Experience Design90%
Business Units & Process Integration85%
Trance & Classical Music100%

Contact Info

Phone : +27 82 350 2879
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