Viresh Hargovan

Group Chief Executive Officer


Viresh maintains an unwavering passion for creating exceptional customer experiences. During this 20-year journey, Viresh developed mature design practices in communities & organisations in South Africa, contributing positively to industry growth and pioneering state-of-the-art strategies. With a firm belief in expertly interwoven practices between the arts & science, Viresh has instilled future-proof digital transformation.

Viresh harnesses wisdom, skills and expertise, to solve complex business problems by guiding design teams through tailor-designed processes and techniques that deliver business value throughout an organisation.

Viresh’s passion for human-centred design drives a talent for analysis, and by applying an academic mind, Viresh innovates products and processes, drives grassroots skills development, builds people and enables strategic business partnerships. A growth mindset underpinned by unconditional curiosity results in a boundless leadership style.

As Chief Executive Officer, Viresh continues to drive the Immersion Group forward, in a mission to positively impact a billion lives – through co-creating effective design-led customer-centric digital experience transformation. Viresh leads transformation at Africa’s most impactful companies, across banking, finance, insurance, healthcare, communication, media, and more.

Product Innovation90%
Grassroots Skills Development85%
Strategic Partnerships95%
Growing People100%
Single Malt Whiskey100%

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Phone : +27 82 551 2922
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