Experience Design Essentials

Experience Design Essentials

Over the next couple of weeks, you’ll be taken through design fundamentals which will enable you to develop the understanding and reasoning around why certain digital experiences in your life are more engaging and simply work better.

Why establish an enablement team and execute training?

IP is created as new techniques

Rather than run large scale IP build projects that end up being theoretical, IP extensions are integrated into learning modules.

Continuous learning culture

Great teams are built on continuous learning and improvement. This process established can establish a learning culture.

Increase team throughput & quality

Enablement and chapter leads are focused on increasing the pace and the value of delivery directly while coaching in-the-work.

Foundation for scale is laid down

The basic foundation of knowledge, IP, skill and processes are put in place, allowing for rapid scaling of the team.

Body of evidence for skills development

Due to the programme running on LMS, as well as through the practical assessments in the work, real proof of skills development is created, rather than anecdotal evidence.

Elevate yourself with Experience Design Essentials

Envisioning the Experience of Digital Products


Stakeholder Interviews

Immersive Understanding



Modern Practices for Designing Digital Products


Modern Design Principles & Practises


Testing Digital Designs for Performance & Desirability



Working in an Agile & Cross-functional Team



Cross-functional Teams

What’s in it for you?

Reduce Dependency on Vendors

Our content will build and grow a successful capability with highly sought-after skills allowing you to decrrease vendor dependency and increase a sustainable inhouse work force.

Drive a Culture of Learning

Continuous learning is the hallmark of a strong capability. The skills we teach, ensure that you and your team can function cohesively, from the same base of understanding.

Continous learning culture

The aquisition of and knowledge and skill through our content will empower and transform your capability through learning. The empowered shift will drive the vision and values of your organisation to help you remian an industry leader.

Visual data is processed 60,000 times

faster by the brain than text

Process this

Programme features

Multidisciplinary programme

Foundational UX, UI, Agile, content and visual design principles that you can actually apply in your environment.

Blended Learning

Blended approach of online and classroom learning, consumed at your own pace.

Engaging Quests

Accelerated growth through engaging and challenging quests allows you to practice your new skills and abilities.


To ensure your learning, we assess your understanding to help you see and close any gaps in understanding.

Industry Expert Certification

Successful completion of the course guarantees a certificate, signaling your readiness.

Performance Tracking

Our Learning Management System allows you to track your performance and decide when to dial up or down.

Experiential Training

Our interactive approaches allow you to process and anchor information by learning through play, ensuring lasting understanding.

Access to Experts

Our expert-driven course allows you to deepen your understanding at a foundational level.

Booster Packs

For those bits of modules that require much more than a screen, our take-away packs allow you to reference design principles on the go.

The Immersion Factor – why us?

Learn through play

Our play-based learning methodology creates a risk-free environment to learn through meaningful play.

It entrenches design techniques & principles that can be applied in any environment.

Design for the world

A changing world demands new ways of work, new processes, technologies, new tools, new techniques & new skills to be successful.

Our curriculum is designed to tackle the problems of tomorrow.

Apply through practice

Our experiential learning methodology enables people to more than just talk the language.

Apply the principles, theories & techniques to real world problems & complex design environments.

Get local context; international expertise

Our course facilitators have decades of experience in design & consulting across various sectors.

They have practiced in South African, European, American & Asian markets. Learn from real-world experience.

Let’s take this one step further

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